Manchego Curado


Origin:                       Spain
Region:                      La Mancha
Made by:                   Quesos Villarejo
Type:                          Hard
Milk:                           Sheep
Milk Treatment:    Raw
Coagulant:                Animal Rennet

A Manchego in all but name, it is just the coating of fresh local rosemary that prevents this cheese from being D.O.P. designated.

 The earthy piney taste of the rosemary seeps through this 10-month aged cheese and it provides an excellent if subtle point of contrast with the clean taste of the La Mancha sheep’s milk.

 This is an such a good cheese to enliven a cheese board, and it will pair beautifully with sherry, green olives and a slice or two of cured ham; or try it with a Tempranillo wine, some almonds and a little quince.